CoE Posters

Posters summarising the capabilities of Food Authenticity Centres of expertise.


Camden BRI - Information poster
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Campden BRI has been operating services in food authenticity for over 20 years and has considerable knowledge of the techniques applied in the area, including meat, fish and seafood speciation, olive oil analysis and spice adulteration.

Campden BRI provides services underpinned by methods developed and approved in line with ISO17025.


West Yorkshire Analytical Services (WYAS) has held UKAS accreditation since 1996. Our purpose-built laboratories are equipped with a wide range of spectroscopic and chromatographic instrumentation, including gas and liquid chromatography equipment with several detection options including MS and MS-MS.

SNYLAB Food Testing, part of SYNLAB Group’s Analytics & Services division, is a UKAS (ISO17025) accredited analytical laboratory specialising in molecular & immunological detection of contaminants & adulterants in foodstuffs.

The SNYLAB Food Testing allergen team follows a robust process to ensure “fitness for purpose” using a system based on the Eurachem guide.

Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) has been providing analytical, product development, investigative, training and consultancy services to the global food and consumer goods industries for over 30 years.

RSSL's chemical, physical, biochemical and biological services are wide ranging and provide support through the full product lifecycle. RSSL is routinely inspected by UKAS, FDA and MHRA, which ensures

Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB) is a research institute that focuses on the underlying science of food and health, tackling challenges that include food safety and security.

Quadram offer resources and expertise for food authenticity methods development and testing using molecular spectroscopy, proteomics and organic mass spectrometry, chromatography, and statistics and software development.

Premier Analytical Services (PAS) are eight accredited laboratories operating as one Centre of Expertise, internationally respected for providing high quality analytical services and unrivalled technical expertise to the food industry. PAS has many years' experience in both classical analytical chemistry and modern molecular methods including Next Generation Sequencing as well as quantitative PCR design and analysis.

The Food Authenticity Centre of Expertise at Nottingham Trent University specialise in antibody production, immunoassay development and optimisation, and the use of mass spectrometry for the analysis and identification of proteins.

The team has access to a wide range of facilities including cutting edge equipment for proteomic methodologies. Work conducted by the team is used as an exemplar in Defra’s independent response to the Elliott Report.

Minerva Scientific is a specialist analytical testing laboratory established in 2002. We are recognised as a leading authority on honey testing with over a decade of experience in the field.

Minerva provide a range of honey specific relevant ISO17025 UKAS accredited testing and consultancy services.

LGC - Information poster
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LGC, founded in 1842, is an international organisation providing excellence in investigative, diagnostic and measurement science, and remains at the forefront of testing approaches, techniques, instrumentation and policy associated with food authenticity.


Leatherhead Food Research is an authority on the science of food and drink production.

With a global membership of 1500 food companies, Leatherhead provides a comprehensive skill-set for meeting authenticity challenges including developing novel methods and providing expert advice based upon knowledge of the food supply chain