Case studies

Case studies: short summaries of individual cases of food authenticity examination.

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The "Allergens Roadmap", describing the decisions and actions needed to respond to a substantial case of allergen contamination. The roadmaop was presented and discussed at teh training workshop in February 2018.

Spice authenticity – DNA-based approaches for the detection of adulterating nut material
Timothy Wilkes, LGC
28 February 2018

Mass spectrometry - identification of protein allergen contaminants
Chris Hopley, LGC
28 February 2018

Allergens in spices workshop -
ELISA Assays
Malvinder Singh
28th February 2018

After an anonymous “tip off” a Local Authority found that raspberry sauce had been substituted
by strawberry sauce in an ice cream product. The food business disputed the official
findings and the Government Chemist was called in to resolve the issue. This poster describes the analytical methods used to resolve the issue.

A sample of fish fingers was submitted under the provisions of the Food Safety Act 1990 (a “referee sample”) for determination of the amount of fish present.This poster describes the methods used to determine the amount of fish present.