Horse relative quantitation - Version 2.3


The method described uses real-time PCR to quantitate the amount of horse DNA relative to the amount of total mammalian DNA extracted from a raw meat sample. The method has been applied to and is validated for DNA extracted from samples that consist of raw horse meat in a raw beef (meat) background. Results can be expressed relative to the amount of raw horse meat in a raw beef (meat) background on a gravimetric (w/w) basis.


DEFRA Standard Operating Procedure - Horse Relative Quantitation

Publication version

Draft Version 2.3, September 2015

Approval status

This is a draft SOP which is a later release to the approved SOP version 2.1. Please refer to the original Standard Operating Procedure, Horse relative quantitation version 2.1 (November 2014, Appendix III of Report FA0135) for an officially approved but earlier version.


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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