Offal marker proteins - extraction and semi-quantification


Standard operating procedure for the extraction of offal marker proteins in raw and processed meat products, and their subsequent detection and semi-quantification


To probe Western blots of extracts of meat products with anti-heart specific protein 2 (H-SP2), anti-liver specific protein 3 (L-SP3), anti-lung specific protein 2 (Lu-SP2) and anti-kidney marker protein 1 (K-MP1) antibodies in order to detect and semi-quantify added bovine/ovine/porcine heart, liver, lung and kidney, respectively. K-MP1 is a protein expressed at high levels in kidney, small intestine and placenta and at lower levels in liver, pancreas, prostate, spleen, stomach and large intestine, however, it is not expressed in skeletal muscle or heart. The SOP can be used to analyse raw and cooked meat products.


DEFRA SOP project FA0122


SOP FA0122(3) Version 1.2, January 2012


Prepared by Lyndsey Durose, Nottingham Trent University Date January 2016

Approval status

Reviewed by Authenticity Methods Working Group Date January 2016


Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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