SOP Detection of Fibrinogen


Standard operating procedure for the detection of Bovine and Porcine fibrinopeptides in raw and cooked meats


The described method is for the qualitative detection of bovine or porcine blood based gelling agents in meat samples, based on the detection of fibrinopeptides released during the gelling of blood proteins. The scope of the method is therefore limited to the qualitative LC MS/MS analysis of bovine and porcine fibrinopeptides extracted from raw and cooked pork, beef, lamb and tuna. (Only the fibrinopeptides from Bovine blood gelling agent was investigated in Tuna meat). The stability of the fibrinopeptides prior to analysis has not been investigated in each of the matrices and therefore no assumptions can be made regarding the detection of fibrinopeptides in samples stored at or above 4℃ for more than 2 days. Fibrinopeptides can be detected in samples stored for 24 hours at 4℃ and then subsequently stored for up to 1 year at -20℃.


Prepared by Paul Reece, CSL Date 15 May 2007

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